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AAK Logistics founded in 26th July 1996, with 250 employees and 150 commercial vehicles ranging from Prime Movers, 6 Ton / 10 Ton Trucks and Vans. We have successfully evolved into a SME logistics operations and transportation company servicing many logistics and multi-national companies. It is our mission to continuously innovate and tailored our current business to meet the market demand so as to provide greater cost-effective and faster turnaround solutions for our customers.

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Manpower Supply by Contract

Contract / Project Warehouse Operations


Container Stuffing and Unstuffing

Project / Expo Roadshows delivery and setup

Warehouse Transfer

Manpower Supply


“Piece-Rates” Project

General Workers

Data Entry Clerk

Stuffing and Unstuffing

Materials Handler

“Piece Rates” Project

AAK Logistics, the pioneers in the logistics industry to spearhead the idea for piece rate in replacing manpower supply which helped our customers to do away with all the unproductive and idle time while pushing output to the maximum in order to reap the piece rate incentive.

Freight Client

Direct Client